Self-care on a budget

self-care on a budget

Self-care on a budget and natural ways Does self-care have to cost anything. Many things can be accomplished using free and low-cost methods. In this blogpost I have entered several different ways to cheap and costless ways to self-care. I have taken five issues and put them into this blogpost. Self-care on a budget.    Self-Care on a Budget  Sometimes, the source of a lot of our stress is money. So many people worry about how much they’re making, how much they’re spending, and so on. Naturally, when it comes…

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Self-Care Isn’t Always Soothing


Self-Care Isn’t Always Soothing A common misconception about self-care is that it’s always just relaxing and soothing. That’s not necessarily the case. In fact, if you’re always just relaxing, you need to adjust your self-care strategies a bit. Some parts of self-care are going to be uncomfortable and difficult, but it’ll never be destructive. Even if self-care can be hard, it’s only ever done with the intention of helping you improve yourself. For example, if you’re used to a pretty sedentary lifestyle, you might think self-care is just relaxing a…

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Self-Care Combats Cortisol Overload


Self-Care Combats Cortisol Overload Despite most people not knowing what it is, cortisol is a chemical that might be affecting your life negatively every single day without you even knowing it. It sounds like a drug of some kind, but in reality, it’s just a natural hormone that your body produces when you get stressed out. Self-care. In general, it’s meant to help you respond to stressful things and help you work through it. There’s a typical fight or flight scenario that your body experiences when cortisol is released. Now,…

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