How Do I Motivate Myself when I’m Feeling Down?

How Do I Motivate Myself when I’m Feeling Down?

How Do I Motivate Myself when I’m Feeling Down?
How Do I Motivate Myself when I’m Feeling Down?

 How Do I Motivate Myself when I’m Feeling Down?

Losing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution all over the world. By January 20th, most people would have given up on it. So, where did all the motivation go? Everything seemed exciting and possible on New Year ’s Eve. What happened now?

There are many reasons why women give up on their goals. Some reasons are justifiable but most are not. When it comes to losing weight and getting in shape, there is basically only one reason why women lose motivation.

They do not see results fast enough. It can be very depressing when you are putting in the effort daily and not seeing any results. It may all seem like a waste of time and effort. Throwing in the towel will be so tempting that you might just go out and buy a towel to do it.

Before you think of giving up, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • How long have I been trying?
  • Why did I even want to lose weight in the first place?
  • Why am I giving up?

If you have been trying for 3 weeks and you think it’s not working, you’re wrong. Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight. Neither does weight loss. Losing weight is a slow process. Do not believe the weight loss commercials or reality TV shows that show miraculous results.

It is a slow process but it is a sure process. Unlike business or making money where there will always be doubts if the venture will be fruitful, with weight loss, you can bet your last dollar that if you stay the course, you will reach your goal.

But will you stay the course? Will you stop when you are proud or will you give up and join the masses that will save their weight loss goal for the next New Year resolution?

Ask yourself why you wanted to lose weight. To look sexy so that you would make men’s heads turn? Or maybe you want to have the best body among your group of friends? Or maybe you are recovering from a breakup and want to look like a brand new you?

Whatever the case, the reason will ALWAYS be an emotional one. If you give up, subconsciously you will affect yourself and you will lose confidence and faith in yourself. You will always wonder what could have been. This is a heavy burden to bear and you will bear it alone. Many women contemplate in silence what could have been or should have been.

You don’t have time for that. You must tell yourself it’s now or never. The stakes are too high for you to give up. It’s not about your weight. Your entire legacy as a person is tied to your effort. Giving in and giving up are not options.

Get a friend to motivate you or workout with you so that both of you can motivate each other. Find a trustworthy one who will lift you up when you are down. If you’re feeling down or unmotivated,  your friend should say, “Come on! Don’t let me down. We said would do this together. Let’s just get it over with!”

That’s motivating.

If your friend says, “Oh sweetie, you’re not in the mood to train? Fine. Let’s go stuff our face with cheesecake!”… And she throws her gym bag in the trash, it’s time to get a new workout buddy.

Lastly, ask yourself why you’re giving up. Is it taking too long? Really?

You going somewhere? What is the rush?

Let the body take its time. Your body does what it wants and you can only control it to a certain extent. It doesn’t abide by society’s constant need to get things done in record time. It’s your body. Not a microwave oven.

Eat the foods you are supposed to eat. Maintain a caloric deficit religiously. Exercise daily like your life depended on it… and most importantly, be patient. Forget 3 weeks. Aim for 3 months and if you stay the course for 3 months, the results will be so dramatic that you will never look back.

All things come to she who waits.


I Want a Body Like Sofia Vergara’s but I Look Like a Sofa. Why?

I Want a Body Like Sofia Vergara’s but I Look Like a Sofa. Why?

I Want a Body Like Sofia Vergara’s but I Look Like a Sofa. Why?
I Want a Body Like Sofia Vergara’s but I Look Like a Sofa. Why?

I Want a Body Like Sofia Vergara’s but I Look Like a Sofa. Why?

This is a major issue that millions of women have. It’s not just the women though. This is a problem that is not gender specific. Men idolize the bodies of Hugh Jackman, Stallone and Ryan Gosling. Actually, women idolize their bodies too. Just for a different reason.

The point of the matter is this. Why would you want to have a body like an actress?

The answer is that the media is extremely manipulative and pushes its own agenda. Actors and actresses are under immense demands to look their best because millions of dollars are riding on them. People are not going to pay to watch a fat Rambo.

Men do not want to see Scarlett Johansson bursting the seams of her black leather pants in The Avengers.

No no. Everything has got to look fit, tight and perfect. There wasn’t even one fat actor or actress in the movie 300. All the Spartans were ripped and fit. The truth is that in reality, the Spartans may have been a fat bunch of brutes who liked to fight. Nobody really knows. Everybody just believes what they see on TV.

You may want to get the body of a particular actress. But do you know what she does?

She will probably have access to the best personal trainers that money can buy. Her meals will be prepared in advance or she will be given an exact meal plan that is catered just for her. There will be people who will check on her progress to make sure that everything is going according to plan because filming will start in a few months.

The ordinary woman does not have access to such resources. She is struggling on her own. Just bear that in mind. Do not put yourself down. Millions of dollars are not at stake for you. You can do what you need to do at your own pace.

There is also the issue of genetics. Sofia Vergara has fantastic genetics. She may work hard but her genetics help. If your genetics dictate a predisposition towards weight gain, it’s going to be an uphill task for you… but it can be done.

You do not need to look like anybody else. You just need to be the best that you can be.

The most important thing is to focus on your habits, goals and to stay motivated. You must aim for a caloric deficit of 500 calories a day. You must not neglect your daily workouts even on days when you just don’t feel like it. You must stay motivated and keep going towards your goal even during times when the weighing scales show no improvement.

You must have faith in your efforts and track your progress. You only have yourself to count on. In fact, you should be proud of yourself because you are doing it on your own.

As long as you stay the course, you too will have a wonderful body in time to come. Remember that what you see in the movies or TV is not reality. The actresses and celebrities face the same weight issues that you do. Their struggles are hidden from public view.

There have been many instances where actresses were photographed at the beach and the photos were unflattering to say the least. So, do know that they are not superior to you. You are you. Just keep moving forward




Your First Three Months at the Gym

Your First Three Months at the Gym

Your First Three Months at the Gym
Your First Three Months at the Gym

Your first three months at the gym can be a whirlwind of experiences. You’ll have to get to know a lot of different equipment, meet a lot of different people with different approaches to body building and have to get to know a completely different environment, while consistently working out in a way that’ll actually produce results.

Here are a few tips for your first three months at the gym.

==> Take Advantage of the Free or Discounted Personal Trainer Offers

Most gyms will offer you a free or discounted personal trainer session as part of your gym membership. Take advantage of this offer.

Usually the trainer will start by giving you a guided tour of all the different equipment in the gym. This alone is worth the time it’ll take. This tour will allow you to get the most out of your gym experience.

Then your personal trainer will ask what your goals are and discuss different workout options and dietary tips to help get you there.

Yes, they’ll probably try to sell you a training package at the end of the hour. If you don’t want to sign up, just let them know – don’t worry, they won’t be offended. They get that every day.

==> Try to Find the Most Fun Thing in the Gym

If going to the gym feels like a chore to you, chances are you won’t keep up the habit in the long run.

Instead of forcing yourself to do exercises you don’t like or to use unfamiliar equipment, try to find the thing that you enjoy the most in the gym.

For example, if they have a swimming pool, why not go for a swim and see if you like it? If they have kickboxing classes, hot yoga classes or group cycling classes, why not give those a shot?

Once you’ve found something you enjoy and you’ve gotten in the habit of going to the gym regularly, then you might consider doing something a little more challenging. But in the beginning, focus on finding something that you really enjoy.

==> Find a Buddy

Talk to the other people in the lockers, in the cafeteria or after group classes. Make friends who are also passionate about fitness.

Having friends to compare notes with, to learn from and to share experiences can really help keep you motivated. And it’s more fun. You’ll also have a spotter for exercises like the bench press.

The most challenging part of developing a new gym habit is sticking with it for the first thirty days. Once you get in the habit of going to the gym, you can then spend your time and energy on building the perfect workout. In the beginning, though, just work on building the habit of going to the gym regularly.