Nutrition is an overused word


NUTRITION is an overused word Nutrition is an overused word as much as Princess Diana was most photographed. It is something that is so important, yet, we know so little about. It is something that has been spent so many years on in studies, yet, given nothing more than a smirk by some people. Nutrition is a subject that hasn’t been given enough thought by most. In a world where time is of essence, few dare to stop and think about health-related issues. Awareness on the proper diet is as…

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Choosing nutritious foods

Choosing nutritious foods Everyday we have lots of choices about what to eat and drink. Discretionary foods are higher in saturated fat, added salt, added sugar and kilojoules. nutritious foods. The Australian Dietary Guidelines, recommend that we choose widely from the Five Food Groups and limit discretionary foods that are higher in saturated fat, added salt and added sugars. Discretionary foods have become easier, cheaper and more attractive choices than ever before. Recent surveys of Australian eating patterns tell us that we are choosing discretionary foods and drinks too often and…

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