Self-Care – Recognizing Your Own Needs

Self-Care - Recognizing Your Own Needs

Self-Care – Recognizing Your Own Needs In healthcare, self-care refers to any necessary regulatory activity that is voluntarily and deliberate, under self-managing control, and directed toward the achievement of an individual’s best possible health or well-being. Self-care can include activities such as grooming, eating, bathing, getting a massage, meditating, exercising, learning to read, doing household chores, cleaning, shopping, getting counseling, talking to friends and family, taking prescribed medications, and much more. Self-care can also encompass activities such as writing, going on vacation, participating in volunteer work, spending time with family,…

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Treatment Options for Depression

Treatment Options for Depression Depression is different for different people. It’s important to work with your healthcare provider to work out a suitable treatment that fits your needs. Here are some of the treatment options your doctor may discuss with you. Treatment Options for Depression Pharmaceuticals There are various drugs available that are used to treat depression. It’s a good idea to be as detailed as you can in sharing your symptoms with your doctor, because he or she will base your medication on these symptoms. All depression medications are…

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