Severe Acne

Severe Acne

 Severe Acne is referred to as Acne Vulgaris. It ranges from mild to severe depending on its characteristics. The “pimples” which are medically called lesions range from black and white heads known as comendo to papules and pustules to nodules and cysts. It is further categorized as either non flamed or inflamed.  Acne vulgaris with inflammation is of a more severe nature. Most people with acne experience mild to moderate bouts.

When Acne becomes severe the lesions are usually cysts and nodules with inflammation. Nodules are severe swellings in the dermis. They are categorized as large hard bumps beneath the skin. If they are not treated even if they appear to go away they flair up again. This is called impaction. They tend to be very painful. Nodules can cause scars. Squeezing them causes skin trauma and for the outbreak to last even longer. Dermatologists treat nodules by injecting the cite with a steroid like cortisone. This type of treatment does two things. It reduces the swelling and lessons the chance of scarring.

Severe Acne also has cysts. Cysts are similar to nodules except the are filled with pus. They are usually 5mm round in diameter. Squeezing cysts makes them worse causing the inflammation and infection to go deeper into the dermis level. Cysts are also pain causing. They are treated the same way nodules are treated with cortisone. Most severe acne does not have blackheads.

Different types

Acne Conglobata is a severe type of acne found primarily in men. However unlike most severe acne this type does have blackheads that are interconnected between large lesions. Acne Conglobata does cause scarring, disfiguration and damage. It begins to show signs in men from 18 to 30 years of age. It also spreads to other body parts like the chest, back, buttocks,upper arms and thighs. It is treated aggressively because it can be treatment resistant.

Acne Conglobata that occurs abruptly is called Acne Fulminans. This is another severe acne that effects young men. In this type of severe acne the cysts and nodules in the outbreaks become ulcerated.Unique to this type of acne is the outbreaks are accompanied with joint pain and fever. This type of acne is also scarring and disfiguring. 

 Gram-Negative Folliculitis occurs as a result of Acne Vulgaris being treated for a long period with antibiotics. It is characterized by cysts and pustules and however a rare reaction to that kind of treatment.

Often confused with severe Acne Vulgaris is Acne Rosacea. It appears as a red rash on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Along with the redness comes, blemishes, pimples and bumps. Blood vessels may show through the skin with the eruptions. It is more common in women but more severe in males. Acne Rosacea has to be treated medically if not and it worsens and cab cause blindness. As it worsens it can produce excess of tissue growth that causes swelling of the nose named Rhinophyma.

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Severe Acne
Severe Acne


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