RED PCT 2.0: Balance Your Testosterone and Estrogen NOW!

Balance Your Testosterone and Estrogen

When it comes to post cycle therapy (or better known as “PCT”) most supplements and ancillary products are intended to be used for a brief few weeks to help restore testosterone production.

What most men don’t realize is that during times when they’re not specifically trying to recover from a cycle, their hormone levels may be out of control anyways!

You see, a lot of men have this idea that they’re fine any other day outside of the window of running a cycle of anabolic steroids, prohormones, or SARMS.

And even worse than that, many men who never use these products have hormones that are out of range due to diet, environmental factors, and aging.

In most cases much more time is needed beyond a traditional PCT for testosterone recovery after a cycle, and hormones may be difficult to balance back out even after that.

This is where Red PCT 2.0 comes in!

Red PCT 2.0 works as a post cycle recovery agent and a staple supplement to keep testosterone higher and estrogen lower.

You don’t just have to have cycled steroids, prohormones or SARMS  for estrogen problems to arise.

Most overweight men have higher levels of estrogen in their bodies due to men holding the majority of estrogen in their bodies in adipose tissue within the abdomen. Chances are if you have a gut then you have higher estrogen!

Red PCT 2.0 isn’t just a sports supplement that restores proper testosterone production after a cycle, it’s a product that facilitates a proper hormonal environment for a better sense of well-being and health for the long haul!

Think of taking Red PCT 2.0 like taking a daily multi-vitamin for your hormone balance!

Red PCT 2.0 is ABSOLUTELY LOADED with ingredients to increase testosterone, improve energy levels, and improve estrogen metabolism!

Red PCT 2.0 includes several ingredients that metabolize estrogen and increase natural and/or free testosterone levels.

The combination of estrogen combatant extracts and antioxidants in Red PCT 2.0  have been shown to have a drastic improvement in estrogen metabolism.

Red-PCT 2.0 contains 7 ingredients to raise testosterone, lower estrogen, and improve your health:

DIM, Luteolin, Acacetin, Grape Seed Extract, Resveratrol, Agaricus Bisporus, and Apigenin are all NATURAL aromatase inhibitors and antioxidants!

What makes Red PCT 2.0 so effective is it’s ability to increase 2-hydroxy-estrogens which are able to displace testosterone from SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).

This allows more testosterone to become unbound and free for your body to use. These free testosterone levels are part of what contributes to total testosterone levels in the body. It’s these free testosterone levels that are readily available to provide strength, muscle mass, and recovery!

As men age, estrogen becomes harder and harder to clear from the body. One of the main goals with any aromatase inhibitor is to prevent the conversion of estrogen from elevated testosterone levels or fix the imbalance of estrogen:low testosterone.

This is especially important if we are using a product to deliberately increase testosterone well-beyond what nature intended.

Often times just the correction of excessive estrogen is enough to raise testosterone levels by as much as 200ng/dl!


Maybe you’ve been there and maybe you haven’t yet, but hormones that are out of range can cause some disturbing looking skin.

I can remember having terrible acne on my back and shoulders from not taking proper precautions while running a cycle of anabolics!

It took a trip to the dermatologist, 3 different medications, and months to clear my skin up! If only I had known about controlling other hormones outside of just elevating my testosterone.

If your skin is bad then there is a strong possibility that something with your hormones isn’t correct.

Red- PCT 2.0 is a smooth and steady approach to balancing out hormones and improving skin issues from excessive estrogen.

Obviously fixing your diet will help with this as well, as many of the foods we consume cause higher estrogen levels.


Red PCT 2.0 contains antioxidants such as resveratrol, luteolin, and grape seed extract which help fight off stress and improve total cholesterol levels.

These antioxidants can also help lower blood pressure by increasing your levels of nitric oxide in the blood.

The anti-inflammatory effects of these antioxidants combined with the black pepper extract in Red PCT 2.0 will also promote improved triglyceride levels (the measure of fat within your blood) and increased insulin sensitivity, making better usage of carbohydrates for energy.

We are talking abut many overall health factors that can be improved through supplementation with this product!

RED PCT 2.0 effects on overall health markers AND hormonal balance are second to none when it comes to effective sports supplement products!


Sometimes we can get too close to the forest to actually see the trees. We become adjusted to living with out of control hormone levels and begin to think it’s the normal process of aging. Well, it doesn’t have to be!

Some common signs of high estrogen in men include:

  • Loss of libido (sex drive)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Acne
  • Lost muscle mass
  • Erectile disfunction
  • Gynomastia OR beginning signs of gyno such as sensitive or itchy nipples
  • Loss of motivation
  • Mood swings  

So if you have any of these signs or symptoms then you’re probably a good candidate to use Red-PCT 2.0!

While this supplement works as a great traditional PCT product after cycle, it’s a great standalone supplement also. Using Red PCT 2.0 alone will have a positive effect on hormones and in turn can make you feel healthier, stronger, and leaner.


That’s right, you could be dieting your ass off and pissing in the wind at the same time due to high estrogen levels. I’ve been there myself; you’re working your tail off only to look in the mirror and still see that bloated guy!

What else can you possibly do at this point? You’re training hard with weights, you’re doing cardio, you’re trying to eat clean, but yet you’re still fucking bloated all the time!

The truth is, the only way to get that under control is to fix your estrogen levels and find a way to elevate testosterone levels.

You see, not only can high estrogen make you hold more water and fat, but low testosterone levels can do it too. Welcome to a world of no metabolism, no motivation, and no increased sense of well-being. Every day is like your just going through the motions to exist and then eventually die.

Feeling dead on the inside just sucks! Not having a sex drive sucks, and not enjoying life to the fullest is an absolute drag! You can accept this or you can change it!

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