Man, 102, dies after spending three days stuck on roof


November 07, 2018 12:59:09

A 102-year-old man has died in hospital after spending three days stuck on his roof in England while trying to fix his television aerial.

Key points:

  • Former race car driver Ron Easton was known as ‘Ton-up Ron’ due to his love of cars
  • His neighbours became concerned for his wellbeing after noticing unopened milk bottles by his door
  • Mr Easton had climbed up on his roof with tools and a garden rake

Ron Easton was found by a maintenance man on the roof of his home in Bigbury-On-Sea, in Devon in England’s south-west, on October 27.

Neighbours sounded the alarm after noticing he had not collected milk from his doorstep.

Mr Easton had climbed up on the roof with a bag of tools and a garden rake, according to Sky News.

He reportedly suffered a fall and was taken to hospital in Plymouth by helicopter, but died a week later.

Known as ‘Ton-up Ron’ locally due to his love of cars, the former race car driver could often be seen driving around the area in his blue MG.

Kingsbridge Police described Mr Easton as a “local legend” and offered their condolences to his family.

The neighbour who found Mr Easton, Trish Bagley, told the BBC she had felt that “something was wrong”.

“The ladder was on the wrong side of the house so no-one could see it,” she said.

“He must have slipped or something, we just don’t know.”









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