Liquid calories

Liquid calories

The cafe tour can quickly cost you dearly – in calories or kcal. It doesn’t have to be sweet to be high in calories.

The drinks you should steer clear of:

Earlier this year, compiled a list of the most low-calorie drinks on the bar chart. Steer clear of these if you count calories:

Liquid calories or kcal
Liquid calories or kcal

• Long Island Iced Tea, 780 calories
• Margarita, 740
• Pina Colada, 644
• White Russian, 425
• Mai Tai, 350

It is healthier than with these drinks, which have a simpler composition and consequently not quite as many calories:

• Fog Cutter, 225 calories
• Gin Tonic, 200
• Mojito, 160
• Cosmopolitan, 150

What you choose at the bar does not matter at all. Even drinks for lunch and dinner can creep up in so many calories that it alone can put extra pounds on your body over time. If you choose smart every day, you can treat yourself a little extra on special occasions, without having to think about any weight gain.

Still, keep in mind that calories aren’t everything – especially not for everyday drinks. Although juice and soda can have the same number of calories, it does not mean that they are as healthy or unhealthy.

– Orange juice and soda contain about as many calories and almost as many grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams of drink. The difference is that orange juice contains fruit sugar found naturally in orange, while soda contains pure sugar, but both are referred to as carbohydrates. Orange and orange juice are also a good source of vitamin C in comparison to soft drinks, which only provide “empty” calories. Therefore, a glass of orange juice will be healthier than a glass of soda.

Here is an overview of the caloric content of regular beverages for every day and partying:

• Water: 0 calories (kcal)
• Diet soda: 0 kcal per glass
• Orange juice: 66 kcal per glass
• Soft drinks: 60 kcal per glass
• Beer: 85 kcal per glass
• Light beer: 83 kcal per glass
• Alcohol-free beer: 83 kcal per glass
• White wine: 100 kcal per glass
• Red wine: 130 kcal per glass
• Drink without alcohol / sugar-free-mixing water: 30 kcal per glass
• Drink with alcohol / sugar-free-mixing water: 65 kcal per glass
• Drink with alcohol / sugary mixing water: 125 kcal per glass

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