It is important to train the brain

It is important to train the brain

It is important to train the brain
It is important to train the brain
Many people believe that exercise only applies to arms and legs, but most people make mistakes. It is just as important to train your brain and keep it updated. Research shows that by training the brain you can build up a reserve that can protect or delay the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Here are some simple steps you can take in your everyday life to train your brain. It is important to train the brain.

Exercise regularly

When you look at brain training you have to look at it in the same way as physical exercise. You need to work out regularly, and starting with the 5-mile as a first activity does little to help. The brain grows and we make new connections every day so regular training will give you the success you are looking for. Do you think something is difficult, to begin with, it’s only because the brain needs time to get used to it.

Memory is important

Memory can often be bad, but with some exercises, you will quickly achieve results. Start with a head calculation and don’t think that “I was never good at”, because you will soon see that what previously felt very difficult suddenly becomes quite easy.

Another good way to train memory is to memorize different toys. Do you remember when you had a board with 40 different things on a rebus race and wanted to remember as much as possible? It’s also a good way to remember things. You can also use memorization cards, such as children’s lottery, just more advanced. Spending a lot of time on such activity may seem like a chore at first, but eventually, the brain trains itself and things get easier.

Brain Nuts


It is important to train the brain
It is important to train the brain

Some people think that brain nuts are something that is just for decoration on the Christmas table and that is never used. Buy some different brain nuts and challenge yourself. If you fail at the first attempt, try to motivate yourself until you make it. A ruby ​​cube can be difficult to solve and you may need some help the first time, but the second time you will. It is allowed to try and fail a little because that in itself is also brainstorming.

Playing cards

For many, card games are seen as a pastime, but it can also be beneficial in brain training. Looking for something more strategic with some excitement, poker might be for you. It should be said that playing poker variants like Texas Hold ’em helps you train how to read other people’s body language, and you will learn a lot about strategies and what works and doesn’t.

It is allowed to rest

Remember that your head also needs rest, so don’t be afraid to have some brain dead time watching the movies or series you want. As long as the brain has varied activity you can achieve a lot and you will quickly see that the memory will go up and the time it takes you to solve a Sudoku or other nuts will go down significantly.

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