How to get better sleep

how to get better sleep

How to get better sleep

It is not the number of hours you sleep that determines whether you get enough sleep, but whether you feel rested when you wake up. Here are some tips on how to get better sleep.

how to get better sleep
how to get better sleep

Soothing background music:
Many get help falling asleep with background sounds such as ripples, rain, flowing rivers, rattling leaves or something else. The smooth sound seems soothing and sleepy and can mask other sounds.
Devices with such soothing background sounds (white noise) are also often used by people suffering from tinnitus (ear lobe). They can get it as a sound pillow or nightstand. You can buy this online search for a “white noise appliance” in the search box. There are also apps with this that can be downloaded. Type “white noise app” in the search box.

Warm feet and cool rooms:
– Take a hot bath, it seems relaxing. Bath salt/foam with lavender scent or the like gives extra sleep-thirsting effect. You can also take a hot footbath if you do not have a bathtub.
-Cold feet are uncomfortable and make it difficult to relax. Buy yourself an electric heating pad or why not a good, old fashioned heat bottle?
-The bedroom should be dark, cool and quiet.

-If you get disturbed by sounds, you can shut them out with earplugs.
-Keep the PC and cellphone away from the bedroom. Among other things, the artificial blue light from the devices can inhibit the production of the sleep hormone melatonin.
-If you haven’t slept in half an hour, get up again. Sit in the living room and read a little, loose crossword or do something else that seems relaxing. Then you go back to sleep when you feel asleep.

Write a sleep diary:

Writing a sleep diary for a period of one week can help you identify your sleep and sleep problems. Such a diary is also often used in the investigation and treatment of sleep problems. The diary consists of a number of questions, of which the first two should be completed in the evening before bed and the rest in the morning after you get up.

The Sleep diary might look like this:
1. How did you work during the day?
From 1 = very good, to 5 = very bad.
2. Have you taken one or more naps during the day?
3. Have you taken sleeping medication and/or alcohol to help you sleep?
4. When did you go to bed?
5. When did you turn off the light?
6. How long did it take from the light turned off until you fell asleep?
7. How many times did you wake up during the night?
8. How long were the awakening periods?
9. When did you wake up in the morning without getting back to sleep?
10. When did you get up?
11. How was last night’s sleep overall:
From 1 = very light to 5 = very deep.

Sleep diaries are available online, search for “sleep diary” in the search box and you will find many good suggestions. Choose one.

Not being able to sleep or sleep poorly is not good in the long run. The bigger the problem you have the faster you should seek help. There is help out there just ask. Ask your regular physician, for example, about getting melatonin tablets. They are not addictive.

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