How to become happy

How to become happy!

how to become happy
how to become happy

Is there a way to happiness? Yes, the scientists believe. But happiness is not a station you come to, it is a way of traveling. Here’s our guide! How to become happy!

In recent years much research has been done on the reasons why some people are more satisfied with life than others. A fairly pervasive answer is that it has little to do with social status and financial abundance. According to psych plows, material goods at best provide short-term pleasure.

What characterizes happy people is briefly summarized:

– They have good social relationships, they spend time and energy on friends, family, and relationships – and they can give and receive.
Pay particular attention to our ability to exercise the ability to enjoy life and happiness. Although research shows that some people are born with a brighter mind than others, and some may inherit depression, everyone can influence their state of mind through attitudes and conscious exercises.

He ensures that the exercises work:

– Several studies have been done that document both short-term and long-term effects of such exercises.

Happiness is a choice

Some people find that the feeling of happiness is closely related to what we choose to pay attention to:
– We have so easy to take things for granted, and let us get started in a busy everyday life. Besides, it is in human nature to keep moving forward, wanting more. Simple exercises to feel more satisfied are simply being able to appreciate the many, small joys we experience in everyday life. It’s about moving focus, becoming more conscious and enjoying everything we have.

Happiness is a choice, and it is largely about your attitude to things:

– Happy people are also exposed to difficulties, crises, and problems. What makes the difference is that they can see a light in the dark and get through what is difficult.

How to be happy?

Close, good relationships with other people make you happy! Read our ten points!

10 Tips for Happiness!

1. Good relationships

how to become happy
how to become happy

It hardly comes as any bomb that closes, close relationships with other people top the list of what gives people a happy life. The world’s longest-running happiness study, which has been going on at Harvard University in the United States for nearly 80 years, shows that those who have the best are those who have good relationships in their lives. It’s about being part of a community and being closely related to people they love and giving back.

2. Be grateful

One exercise – and attitude of life – that can demonstrably increase the feeling of happiness is to show gratitude. Some American psychologists have concluded that knowing gratitude can increase the feeling of happiness by 25 percent. The group that came out the most from the extensive study they conducted a few years ago as those who wrote down five things they were grateful for daily. Keeping a diary of gratitude proved to be an effective way to achieve greater satisfaction. By attaching even the smallest things to the paper, you will quickly realize that there is much that is good in life.
– To be aware of the small and good experiences in everyday life, to shift attention to what is positive. This affects the hormone balance in the brain and makes us feel better, psychologists explain. Have the block on the front when, for example, you sit down with a cup of tea in the evening. On average, it takes eight weeks to create a new habit. After that, it will go on autopilot.

3. Inner kindness

Some highlight what they call “inner kindness” as a basis for more happiness in life. Inner kindness is to push the troublesome, inner critic aside, and instead give yourself some praise for all that is good.
“Every time you have free time in life, you take a bragging round. Praise yourself for everything you can come to praise yourself for. Take a boast when driving a car, biking, queuing, waiting at the doctor and so on. Talking nicely to oneself is an inner miracle cure ”. Create the life you long for.

What makes you happy?
Practice being grateful, and please yourself!

4. Live purposefully

Choose conscious projects that inspire you, require determination and pose a challenge. Promoting creativity – both professionally and in your own life, provides a form of satisfaction that also contributes to a happy and happy life. As happiness researchers and psychologists so simply put it: – Often happiness is to be gained in the quite mundane activities. Keeping up with things you enjoy allows you to be engrossed.


  1. Watch out for thieves
    Although most of us are generally relatively happy with life, no one will avoid being haunted by “happiness thieves” who steal short, or long-lasting, steals from our happiness and life satisfaction. These can take the form of conflicts in the family and/or at work, stress, poor self-esteem, loss, breakup, illness and so on. When students completed a student project a few years ago, the participants were interviewed about the everyday happiness. The most common happiness thieves were sourness, criticism, and anger from other people.
    – Although some thieves are out of our control, we can practice mastering them. Potentially, we can also learn from them, find meaning and grow on them. Other happiness thieves, such as stress and unnecessary conflicts, we can consciously try to avoid. It also applies to spend more energy on relationships that give us energy than on those who lose us.
    6. Experiences, not things

    how to become happy
    how to become happy
    It has long been established that happiness cannot be bought for money. Still, if you want to spend money in pursuit of inner satisfaction, then do it for an experience and not a delicious design thing. Studies have shown that it pays off in the long run. One of the reasons we are happier is that the feeling of expectation is stronger when, for example, we look forward to a journey. Nice experiences are also good to think about. Looking forward to buying a pair of expensive designer shoes can give a kick there and then, but is not a lasting pleasure.

    Give more hugs!
  2. Oxytocin is a hormone that is stimulated when you experience closeness and touch. It makes you feel relaxed, harmonious – and happy.
    7. Smile and hug

    Oxytocin is a hormone that is stimulated when you experience closeness and touch. It makes you feel relaxed, harmonious – and happy. Therefore, it is often called the love hormone.
    – Of oxytocin, you get peace of mind and a desire to be close to others. You feel more present, become more caring and feel more secure.
    The good news is that you don’t need a boyfriend for your body to produce oxytocin. Just meeting the world with a smile, a good hug, and a warm handshake contributes to a raised hormone level. Also, stroking a pet calmly through the fur stimulates the production of the “happiness hormone”.

    8. Breathe
    You have noticed that your breathing becomes faster and more heaving when you are stressed or nervous. If you want to stabilize the emotions, controlling the breath is a simple technique. By learning breathing techniques to calm the breath, such as through yoga and meditation, light breathing will also calm the soul.

    9. Meditation

    Meditation need not be a hocus-pocus. It’s all about practice, practice, and discipline.
    – Feeling happiness is a lot about being in the present, living here and now.

    – By hanging up in the past, or worrying about the future, we miss everything that is here now. Practicing mindfulness is often to find joy at the moment.

    10. Make life easier
    Research shows that living simpler reduces the feeling of stress. A proper gutter in the world can give a good feeling of satisfaction. The advice on getting rid of clothes and items you haven’t touched in the last three years is worth noting. Thinking about what it takes to simplify life will help you focus on the important things. Also, more and more people are concerned about recycling. In other words, you can please others with the things you do not need yourself.

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