Home Care For Mild Acne

Home Care For Mild Acne

Home Care For Mild Acne. Acne is actually medically referred to as different types of skin lesions. When we refer to mild acne it is a skin condition that actually consists of  white heads, black heads, papules and pustules.To simplify things we just say either broken out or pimples. When  treating mild acne at home it takes about 4 to 8 weeks to start to see a real improvement.

The first consideration is getting good acne care products. Today there are many to choose from. There are even acne products for different skin types. You want to choose a product that matches your skin type.  For instance if you have oily skin you want acne products for oily skin. The other consideration is you want the product to have benzoyl peroxide in it. This is because benzoyl peroxide kills acne causing bacteria.

Facial Cleanser

Its important to invest in a  good facial cleanser. A good facial cleanser should be natural or medicated depending on the severity of your skin. It is not recommended that for acne you use regular soap and water. It good to wash your face at least twice a day with acne. You want to rinse your face with water after washing for 10 to 15 times. Let your face air dry or pat it dry with a clean cloth. Do not rub because that causes irritation.

Other products that are good to use with acne after washing your face are a good astringent and toner. There are medicated ones for acne available today. They are good to use after facial washing because they both clean and close pore. Astringents and toners also  cut down on the oil in and around the pores as well as the skin. If your skin tends to be dry and you need a moisturizer do not use one that is oil based. There are medicated moisturizers that you can use for acne. Its good to put a moisturizer on when your face is damp so it can absorb better into the skin. If you wear make up make sure to apply a medicated toner first.


Exfoliating is a good practice but not on any inflamed acne or active pustules. With inflammation and active breakouts once they heal then you can exfoliate. The same applies for natural and medicated masks. Do not use them on active our inflamed outbreaks. Another good facial therapy for acne is doing herbal steams. The steam and herbs help clear out pores and debris and loosens things like blackheads.

If you have acne on your body you can use a good medicated soap or the same cleanser you use on your face. If your facial cleanser is costly you can wash with a good anti bacterial soap and then apply a benzoyl peroxide lotion to the areas that are broken out. Acne on your back is harder to treat. So with back acne you have to be aggressive.

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Home Care For Mild Acne
Home Care For Mild Acne


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