Healthier lifestyle

Healthier lifestyle

Healthier lifestyle

Healthier lifestyle
Healthier lifestyle
We are constantly reminded that we should have a healthier lifestyle. Here you will know what is meant by it and get some tips on how to make it.
A simple opinion on a person who has a healthier lifestyle is a person who does not smoke, is not overweight, eats healthy and exercises. Is it really that simple?
Do you not recognize in this description? The trick to achieving this is to make small changes. It can for example. be adding fruit and coarse cereals to your diet, drinking water instead of sugar drinks, increasing your activity level by choosing to go instead of running to work.


One of the biggest societal problems we have today is the lack of physical activity. We know it does us well but many people avoid it for various reasons. But remember that activity is an activity, and the more active you are, the better it can be for your health. Also, moderate activity such as gardening and walking make positive changes with your body.

By increasing your activity level you can:
• reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
• improve the stability of your joints.
• maintain or improve mobility.
• maintain bone density in the skeleton.
• Have a better mood and reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.
• improved self-image.
• older people get a better memory.
• reduce stress.
A study shows that a 10% weight reduction helped overweight people with a reduction in blood pressure and cholesterol.

Simple tips for increased activity levels

If you need to reduce your weight, increased activity levels are a good start. If you do not have a training program and are not used to a lot of activity, start carefully. All activity counts and gives you higher energy consumption.

Some simple tips:
• Turn off the TV: select a day of the week where you opt-out of TV viewing for the benefit of something more physical.
• Walk more: look for opportunities to walk more. Eg. when retrieving mail, walking the dogs or adding an extra 5 minutes to the treadmill.
• Do more physical work at home: there is a lot of good training in mowing the lawn, pulling snow, sweeping the outdoor area, etc.
• Become aware of your activity level: create a list that shows the typical activities you do during a day. If you find that you are too much at ease, gradually try to find fun activities.

Eat healthier

Healthier lifestyle
Healthier lifestyle
A healthier diet is an important part of a healthier lifestyle. A healthy diet can help you maintain a stable weight and improve your health so that the quality of life with increasing age improves.
Here are some simple tips:
• Eat more fruit.
• Add vegetables to your meals.
• Avoid greasy dressings for the salad.
• Avoid fatty dairy products.
• make changes: review your refrigerator. Find 3 foods you eat a lot. Note the nutritional content. Are there foods that can replace these with more sensible nutritional content?
Creating a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to mean drastic changes. In fact, drastic changes can cause you to fail.
Making small changes every day can make big changes in the long run. To find out what you can do today to get a healthier lifestyle!

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