Should You Get Weight Loss Supplements and Are They Effective?

Should You Get Weight Loss Supplements and Are They Effective?

Should You Get Weight Loss Supplements and Are They Effective?
Should You Get Weight Loss Supplements and Are They Effective?

 Should You Get Weight Loss Supplements and Are They Effective?

Weight loss is a billion dollar industry. A huge chunk of the profits are generated by companies producing and selling weight loss supplements. The marketing for these supplements are slick and very convincing. Yet, you can rest assured that these companies are not altruistic and creating these supplements for your benefit.

There is only one goal in mind. Getting your dollar. That is the bottom line for them while your bottom keeps getting bigger.

Before we go any further, remember this. You cannot get slimmer by eating something else. It doesn’t matter whether the new weight loss supplement is the result of some scientific breakthrough or it made the mice in some laboratory lose weight fast.

Healthy weight loss can only be achieved the old fashioned way. Exercise, a sensible diet and a caloric deficit state are the cornerstones of successful weight loss. They are neither romantic nor pleasant. No scientific breakthrough is required to know that if you burn more calories than you eat, your body is going to burn its fat stores.

Forget the hype, paid testimonials and impressive before and after photos that are used to sell these products. None of those matter and you will be setting yourself up for a fall if you are expecting a miracle in some plastic bottle.

You must change your diet and start exercising. It will not be pleasant but weight loss is not a pleasant journey. You most probably gained weight by eating more and moving less. So, to reverse this situation, you must eat less and move more.

It’s common sense which most women conveniently ignore. That’s because we’re creatures of comfort and habit. People resist change. Giving up food that they are used to eating is difficult. Getting off the couch and going for a walk is not as much fun as sitting on the couch popping M&M’s in your mouth.

Yet, deep down in our hearts we know what truly matters. That’s what makes it so easy to sell weight loss supplements. Most women know that it’s difficult to stay on a weight loss program. It requires effort and self-discipline. What if you could just pop a few weight loss pills and solve the problem?

The label on the bottle says that you can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Let’s get it. YAY!

2 weeks later, when their weight has not changed, they get depressed and think that they are destined to be fat. All hope is lost… until some new weight loss supplement hits the market. As usual, there will be a new scientific breakthrough.

Are you going to keep believing it? Or will you just hunker down and tell yourself to forget the pills and just do what you need to do.

Track your calories, get your exercise and adequate rest and most importantly, keep at it no matter how many distractions come your way. No supplement or mechanical contraption that jiggles your tummy a thousand times per second is going to burn your fat.

It’s just not going to happen. Never has, never will. There is no elevator to successful weight loss. You MUST take the stairs.


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