Get more power out of your workout

Get more power out of your workout.

Get more power out of your workout

I hope you are motivated to exercise – because of all the amazing health benefits. Get more power out of your workout.


Get your heart rate up every day, for 30 minutes has a great effect on mood, muscle mass, bone health, and disease protection, and the most important thing is to find a workout you like. And if you have put in hard work at the gym or during the run, it may be good to know that you should eat to get the most out of your workout.

Choose the right fuel
In recent years there has been such a huge focus on protein as a workout that I would like to hit our main source of energy – namely carbohydrate. Not only does it build up the muscle’s energy store, glycogen, but it is also important for the secretion of the hormone insulin, which acts on the muscle. Eating carbohydrates after exercise ensures that the protein eaten is used to recover and build up muscle tissue.

Here are some tips on how to eat for the best energy and recovery.

Here’s how to eat before and after exercise:

About. 3 hours before:
It is important to eat enough food before a session so you can exercise. Eat a varied meal with slow carbohydrates, some fat, and some protein. For example, cereal or oatmeal, quinoa salad, coarse bread with fish or lean meats, cottage cheese with fruit and granola or hummus wrap. As it approaches to exercise, you can eat something easily digestible with fast carbohydrates, such as a smoothie, yogurt or banana. Remember to drink plenty of water.

After training:
After using the glycogen stores in the muscles and breaking down muscle tissue, it is important to use a combination of protein and carbohydrates to best recover. If you have exercised weight training with heavy weights, the meal after exercise should contain some protein, while after a workout the meal should have a high proportion of carbohydrates. The recommendations go on yogurt, smoothie, cheese and ham bread, milk or chocolate milk as a recovery food right after exercise, before having a larger meal later in the day. Still, for a gymnast (like most of us) it will take a long time to eat a balanced dinner or supper after exercise. This can be, for example, a pasta dish with chicken and vegetables, bean quesadillas with lettuce, bread with cold cuts and fruit or a portion of oatmeal with berries and peanut butter.


In order to build muscle and get good exercise, the most important thing is to meet your daily energy and nutritional needs. So no matter how committed you are to your workout and nutrition, the focus should be on eating varied and enjoying your food. The focus will be wrong if you overcook in macronutrients such as protein and carbohydrate, and forget about all the other great food and exercise that has to offer. get more power out of your workout.

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