Accelerate Fat Loss with This One Secret Technique

Accelerate Fat Loss with This One Secret Technique

Accelerate Fat Loss with This One Secret Technique
Accelerate Fat Loss with This One Secret Technique

 Accelerate Fat Loss with This One Secret Technique

Do you know what Superman is afraid of? No. It’s not Lois Lane’s PMS tantrums. He is terrified of kryptonite. Superman has a weak point.

Everybody has a weak point. Eliminating this one weak point will help with your weight loss greatly. The question here is… What is your kryptonite?

In order to discover this, you must start a food journal where you record down everything you eat and the quantity you ate. Initially when you are trying to lose weight and cleaning up your diet, you will notice that you are craving one food often.

This one food is something that is your guilty pleasure. It could be ice-cream, chocolate, pizza, beer,… It could be anything. It’s the one food that once you start eating, you keep eating. You think that you can stop with two scoops of ice-cream but you end up finishing the tub.

You tell yourself that you will eat just two Oreo cookies but end up eating the whole sleeve. Or maybe it’s French fries. Whatever the case, you must understand one thing. This food that you don’t seem to have control over,… this is your kryptonite.

The best thing that you can do, is to avoid seeing or coming into contact with this food. Maybe have it once a week in moderation or better still, once every two weeks. This food triggers feeling of happiness and satiation in your body. It’s like a drug fix for your body and that makes it very addictive.

Forget will power and all the other self-help psychology. Your body wants what your body wants. If ice-cream is your kryptonite, and you have a tub of cookies and cream ice-cream happily sitting in the refrigerator, your mind is going to keep thinking about it. You will constantly be telling yourself, “No! Don’t eat that!”

If you look closely in the mirror, you just might see one little angelic you sitting on one shoulder and a red devilish you complete with the pitchfork sitting on the other shoulder whispering in your ears.

Do you really need this torture? Honestly, is it worth it?

Losing weight is a slow and difficult process. Don’t make it worse and torture yourself by placing temptation in front of you. If you don’t give in, it’s still torture. If you do give in, you have just slipped up on your diet. Neither situation is pretty.

The best thing you can do is not to have any ice-cream in the house. Whatever food may be your kryptonite, you should make every effort not to keep any of it close to you. Advise family members not to buy or store it in the house. At least for as long as you’re trying to reach your ideal weight.

It is often said that abs are made in the kitchen and not the gym. 70 percent of your goal is dependent on what you put in your mouth. You could train for an hour and completely negate the workout by eating one slice of cheesecake in 5 minutes. That’s how bad it is.

Don’t sabotage yourself. Be like Superman. Avoid your kryptonite.


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