8 Ways To Become Nunchi

8 Ways To Become Nunchi

Here are 8 ways to become nunchi.


1. Empty your head before entering a room.

Wait two minutes before entering a meeting or before putting the key in the door at home. Take a breath and forget about what you think is behind the door.

2. Behave well.

And remember that being polite and proper is about making others feel comfortable. Then find the tone that best suits the situation. It’s not about making you feel tactful and better than the others, but about making the others feel good.

3. Walk quietly in the doors.

It’s not about coming in and taking the room, but about blending in with the others. The best way to influence the atmosphere is to accept it.

4. Think.

What are people talking about? What are the non-verbal signals in the room? You have to read between the lines to find out what’s really going on. People don’t like being too direct, so you have to listen with both ears and other senses to find the truth.

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5. Listen before talking or acting.

You can get lots of information just by listening.

6. Let things go smoothly.

Within nunchi, it is important to have as much harmony and fewest sparks. If you’re good at nunchi, people generally always feel comfortable in your company. You are “round” and not “angular” in your form.

7. Stop and wait.

If you follow this principle, all your questions will automatically be answered without having to open your mouth. You become wiser by listening and observing. This ability is especially good to have in negotiations – and also in bridge or poker, where you will know where the cards sit without disclosing anything about your own.

8. Everything changes.

You should be open and alert and be able to analyze things quickly. It is the one who can adapt quickly and change course – and not the strongest – who survives.




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