7 tips for clean and pretty skin

7 tips for clean and pretty skin

7 tips for clean and pretty skin.

Here are 7 tips for clean and pretty skin. How to get it nice and what is recommended.
7 tips for clean and pretty skin
7 tips for clean and pretty skin

1. Cleanse your skin morning and evening. Just use a facial cleanser that suits your face. I have combined skin so I use a cleanser dedicated to this. 7 tips for clean and pretty skin.

2. Allow the skin to rest sometimes. Don’t wear makeup every single day. Don’t you need something that day? Let the makeup costs rest. Your skin needs it and you need it.

3. Wash your brooms twice a week, at least once. Have you borrowed them? Then wash them before using them yourself, or use a brush cleanser. Most of the impurities we get come from dirty makeup. There is so much shit and fat in them that we just smear shit and pimples on the skin. Of course, nobody wants it. No matter how tiring, get started.


4. Find a good day and night cream that you always use. The skin needs nourishment and acne comes faster if you give it less moisture. Just as your body takes care of all the food you eat, if you have “starved” you for a period of time, it becomes uncertain when to get food again, so it takes care of what it can do. Which makes you sleep faster when you start eating again. The same goes for the face. Give it lots of moisture! Whether you have oily or dry skin. If you have oily skin, you give it moisture without grease. If you have very dry skin, give it a moisturizer that has fat in it.

5. Same what people say about not squeezing your pimples? Squeeze them in the way. Is it better to get the inflammation out, than to let it melt back into the skin? Nope. Cleanse your skin with a facial cleanser, steam your skin with warm water or steam, then just squeeze in your way. Squeeze everything that can be squeezed. haha. Then cool your skin with cold water. Then you close your pores and don’t let other shit get into the “wounds”.
I’ve squeezed acne from the day I got my first acne. It has never done any harm to my skin. Just make sure to open the pores with heat and close them with cold, then it will settle.

Makeup 7 tips for clean and pretty skin

6. Let the skin get fresh air. Yes, going without makeup is one thing. But the air found in cities is very polluted, which in turn gets into the skin. Take a walk far up in the woods, far away from cars and boats, and your skin will be healthier.
For those of you who think you get pimples from being on a hut, it’s because the skin removes the impurities, and you probably haven’t cleansed your skin well when you’re on a hut. No worries.

7. Drink plenty of water. Yes, that’s the good rule you see everywhere. But water gives moisture to the skin, which in turn keeps the skin clean and pretty. BTW. Candy and things you eat actually have nothing to do with your skin. If you think you get pimples from eating chocolate or it may be because there is something in it that you can’t tolerate. Little tips for those who love chocolate. 7 tips for clean and pretty skin.

Hope some of the tips come in handy. Have a nice day!


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