5 Tips To Lose Weight

5 tips to lose weight

5 Tips To Lose Weight

Low carb or low calorie? Both give weight loss if you follow the plan. Small changes can make a big impact. Here are 5 tips to lose weight.

5 tips to lose weight
5 tips to lose weight

Are you going to lose weight, but think it’s a chore to think of everything you need to cut out? Instead, think of everything you can eat more of! Because there are a lot of goodies you can indulge in – at the same time as the trouser waistband is more spacious and roomier.

It is much more motivating to think about what you can do than what you cannot. It is recommended that you start by looking at what is the starting point.
Make a detailed food diary. And be honest about what you eat and drink, including meals. Write down absolutely everything you get and in what quantities. Then think through what are your biggest challenges. And then you go dang.

Here are 5 tips to lose weight.

1. Eat more vegetables
The most important thing to do to lose weight is to increase the intake of vegetables.
There are several reasons why:
-Green greens are low in calories. With the exception of olives, avocados, and corn, you can eat as much as you want. You can eat them for meals, for snacks, for snacks – anytime, anywhere.
-Green greens replace more calorie-rich foods. Then you lose weight.
-All meals should contain plenty of greenery. For breakfast, you may want to choose a fruit or berry instead.
-Green shades provide satiety.
– Vegetables give you important fiber, which means you get good digestion and feel good.

2. Go for whole grains
Choose whole grains! It provides the most saturation, most nutrition, and best health. There is good evidence in recent research that whole grains have major health benefits. In particular, there is good evidence that coarse grains protect against cardiovascular disease.
In addition, it is easier to lose weight if you replace the fine grain with the coarse. One study showed that those who made no changes other than replacing white with coarse lost 1 – 2 kilos.
It gives more feeling of satiety. And it’s not as easy to get seated and stale just because it’s so incredibly good.

Pure clean meat

3. Choose pure meat
Meat, fish, bird, and eggs are good foods for you to lose weight. It is food that contains essential nutrients for the body. It is a condition that you choose pure meat and avoid mixed products such as sausages and minced meat with a lot of fat and calories.
Pure meat gives a good feeling of satiety. and saves you calories.

100 grams of sausage contains 250 calories – while 100 grams of chicken provides about 100 calories.
Once you’ve eaten a chicken fillet, you’re mostly satisfied. While you have eaten sausage, you are often nowhere near eating enough – even if you have eaten just as many calories.
This is to think about when choosing milk products, which is another important source of protein. Your body needs calcium, so you should get some dairy products a day.
But think about how much fat there is in the dairy products you choose. Fat cheeses you don’t want to eat a lot of – then it is smarter to choose lean varieties, such as skyr, cottage cheese or lean cheese.

4. The superfoods you must have
There are some foods that have particularly good properties. These you should make sure to have in your kitchen – and eat daily.
Common to them is that they contain healthy fats. They give you fats that are good for your blood vessels, for your heart and for your brain. Besides, it saturates well, and you can eat it instead of other fat that provides lots of calories but is nowhere near as healthy.

Foods you should eat daily:

Avocado: Contains monounsaturated fatty acids, provides good satiety and great taste.
Unsalted nuts: One fist of nuts a day shows health effects in a large number of studies.
Olive oil: A couple of tablespoons in a salad or for cooking gives you fat that increases the good cholesterol.
Fat fish: Contains omega 3 fatty acids that are good for cholesterol.

All of these foods are high in calories. That means you can’t eat unlimited with them when you lose weight. But a little every day should be a goal!

5. Make a plan
The chance of successful weight loss will increase if you plan well. That means planning your meals and not least your purchases.
Just realize that what you buy is going to eat. That is why it is so important that you act sensibly.
It is recommended that you create a two-week menu – and then make the shopping list based on it. Then you do not have to spend time each day deciding what to eat. And you know you have the food in the house. However, most of us have 10 – 15 dishes that we swap. And when you are gaining weight, you need to spend some time learning a new repertoire. This makes planning extra important.

Avoid temptations:

Plan meals and what to eat so it is easier to avoid eating and temptation.
Use the plate model as inspiration for portion sizes. 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 potato, rice or pasta, and 1/3 meat or fish.
Taste the food, get to know when you are saturated.
Take your time while eating.

Excuses, how often?
It’s not like you’re going to cut out everything you like even though losing weight. If you have great pleasure in buying a caffe latte, you should still be allowed to treat yourself to it. But you have to think through how often you do it. If you used to drink one a day, you might go down to 2 a week. Then you can look forward to the 2 cups, and save calories the other days.

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