5 tips for better health

5 tips for better health

5 Tips for better health and healthier life
5 Tips for better health and healthier life

Check how little is needed to make everyday life better. Here are 5 tips for better health and healthier life.

Often, just a few simple steps are needed to get a healthier life and everyday life.

Here are some quick tips on how to have a better life both healthily and otherwise. We give you some of the highlights:

1. Eat at the same time each day

Your body likes a regular routine. Uneven food intake can interfere with hormone levels in the body.
 Research shows that constant eating can increase the risk of developing diabetes. Your body likes to know what is going to happen so it can be prepared.

2. Never wear bad shoes

And take the flu vaccine. This does not seem to be connected, but both should be able to prevent you from exposing your body to inflammation.

Research shows the likelihood that inflammation plays a role in the development of heart disease and cancer.
The fewer inflammations your body gets, the healthier life you get.
Foot problems and inflammation due to high and tight shoes are not uncommon in women. Ingrown toenails and hallux valgus are commoners.

– Yes, tight shoes can pinch your toes together and create skin irritation, and this can give you the start of an ingrown nail. This also applies to some high-heeled shoes. Then the feet will often slip down and experience increased pressure in the tip where the shoe is also at its narrowest.

3. Drop the finished foods

Choose natural ingredients, they are definitely best for health. The shorter the ingredient list and the less packaging, the better.
Get fruit in its natural state – not in the form of juice. In juicy form, fruits and vegetables oxidize and deteriorate faster, reducing the health benefits.

4. Stand upright when you can

Much sedentary sitting can be just as negative for the body as smoking, and an hour at the gym doesn’t necessarily weigh up too many hours of inactivity.
Get up and move when talking on the phone. If you have a meeting heavy every day, for example, make sure some of the meetings are conducted in the form of a walk.

5. Be body conscious

Take a medical check and find out how it is with blood pressure and blood sugar.
Know how your body usually behaves and what it can withstand, so you quickly notice if something is changing.
Get to know your family’s health history and know if you are at risk of developing heart disease or other hereditary disorders.

CHANGE LIFESTYLE: It doesn’t necessarily mean that big changes until you feel more comfortable in everyday life.


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