This is how you get the kids to eat more green

get the kids to eat more green

This is how you get the kids to eat more green   5 tips to get your kids eat more green 1. Talk about food:Let food, cooking and produce become a regular topic of conversation at home. This is how you show that food is an important part of life. 2. Expand instead of replacing:Don’t be too harsh on yourself as a parent, but think about extending the offer on the dining table instead of replacing everything directly. An easy way is to trick a little green into a smoothie.…

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Avoid the training traps

avoid the training traps

Avoid the training traps Give yourself time, exercise what you like, and let desire control. How to avoid the training traps, seven common traps on the road to good training habits. 1. Create time for change:Problem: You can’t cope or forget to free up time – and get air – to benefit from exercise, new habits and behavior.Solution: remove commitments, lower yourself requirements for what to do. Map your everyday life. What do you spend time on an ordinary day, hour by hour?What hours does content like you have:have to…

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Slow down the aging process with proper training

Slow down the aging process

Slow down the aging process with proper training Exercising your body 15 minutes daily can both slow down the aging process and gain more energy in everyday life. Win-win! Here are some simple exercises that will give you a stronger, softer and healthier body. Repeat them two or three times, preferably every day. 1. Pelvic liftLie on your back with bent knees and feet on the floor, hands along your body. Lift the seat as high as you can and feel the tension of the seat muscles – stretch out…

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