13 roads to a better life

13 roads to a better life

roads to a better life
roads to a better life
Here are the tips that documented increase the quality of life. Write your own memorial speech is one of the tips. 13 roads to a better life.

Are expressions of time, a hundred balls in the air and “I should just have ..” familiar expressions to you? Then some UK professors may have something wise to come up with, which you can take advantage of. For they have written the book “Think a Little. Change a Lot ”, where they provide important advice on how to live more effectively. Roads to a better life.
And these are living rules with scientific results.

Here are the tips that will give you a better life:

1. Write a diary

Don’t talk about all your problems, rather write them down. People who spend a few minutes structuring their thoughts experience a marked improvement in their own views on body and thoughts – it can also help you lose weight.

2. Buy experiences, not things

Research shows that in the long run, you will get better by spending money on a holiday, concert or meal with good friends, instead of shopping for comfort.

3. Put yourself in the middle

Want to make a good impression and make yourself more visible in a meeting or meeting? Then you should sit in the middle of the table.
According to science, people tend to think that important people are at the center.

4. Ask for a favor

Yes, it is the law – and you do not have a bad conscience. For as long as it is a rather small service, like borrowing a book from someone, research has shown that asking someone to do something for one makes people like one better.

5. Make a mistake

roads to a better life
roads to a better life
Most people do not like perfectionism. So a slightly “imperfect” behavior or conversation will hardly scare anyone. On the contrary, it may make people feel that you have a winning being and that you are more human.
But be careful and do not take off completely. If you make too many “mistakes” people will think you are absolutely crazy!

6. Gossip is law
..but it must be positive! Because research shows that when we talk about other people, the listener tends to compare you to the characteristics you use.
That is: if you always shit someone, it will put you in a bad light.

7. Eat out

Science has shown that humans have a natural sympathy for other people, things, and opinions when introduced during a meal.
Good food makes people happy, and then it is easier to get them to do what you want them to do.

8. Make plans

You do not suddenly stand on top of a mountain. It actually takes some planning to get there. According to the experts, six things are needed to make a plan a success:
Write down the plan, tell your friends about it, create a roadmap, divide it into achievable items, reward yourself each time you complete a step, and spend time thinking about all the positives of achieving your goal.

9. Write a tribute to yourself

Write a note about what you want to be said about you at your funeral. It may sound a little crazy, but it will give you a clue as to what you want and dream of achieving in life. And it will motivate you to pursue your goals.

10. Set up a mirror in the kitchen

For many, much of life is about dieting and eating healthy. Research shows that those who look at themselves right before eating tend to eat less.
A mirror in the kitchen will make you more aware of your own body and your calorie intake.

11. Eat fast, then slowly

A number of books and experts encourage us to eat slowly so that we can feel when we are satisfied. But experts have also shown a greater feeling of satiety and a greater weight loss in people who eat at a normal pace at the beginning of a meal and then turn down the pace.

12. Buy a plant

A study has shown that plants in an office can make employees more creative and give them more ideas.

13. Yes!

Last but not least, say yes! We tend to displace what we don’t get. Rather be your own “Yes Man” – as some call it, and be open to other opportunities. Use the time instead of rushing on, take the time for a holiday, etc.
The book also states that in order to have a satisfying life, it is important to find a partner, avoid stress, try something new, be a good parent and know yourself.

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