100 Health Tips Part 5

100 health tips for your immune system and body

100 Health Tips Part 5

This is part 5 of 5 in this article series. 100 health tips for your immune system and body.

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  1. 100 health tips for your immune system and body
    100 health tips for your immune system and body
    Have a holistic lifestyle – having a holistic life is living one that is mindful of the body, the mind and the spirit’s health all at the same time and not just any one of them. This way, you can monitor not just your health but also your body’s toxicity as a whole and not just in part.


  1. Avoid promiscuity – by living a life free from perversion and promiscuity, you will not only prevent yourself from suffering emotional drain that can be brought by these actions but also avoid possible illnesses and problems caused by these acts of perversion such as STD and other sexually related sicknesses or worse,


  1. Proper hygiene – hygiene affects the overall health of a person and drives away toxins from entering your body. Make sure to always have a bath at least once a day and make sure that you brush and floss your teeth several times a day, preferably after every meal. Also, wash your hands as frequently as possible, particularly before


  1. Be a vegetarian – although difficult for many people who have become used to eating meat, those vegans out there are enjoying the benefits brought about by not eating red meat, chicken or any other animal food. Vegetables and fruits have always been associated with good nutrients necessary in cleansing the system. You can even help the environment in the
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  1. Have a macrobiotic lifestyle – having a life such as this means that you will live based on your life’s harmony with nature by having a good lifestyle and proper diet combined with your love and respect for the environment. There are many ways to do it especially today that people are becoming highly aware of the environmental problems we are


  1. Have a therapeutic and strategic body massage – by getting the services of someone who can give you such a message, you will be able to enjoy its benefits such as a better digestive system and the stimulation of your body’s ability to get rid of



  1. Make use of a car that is eco-friendly – getting rid of pollutants in the environment is a way of removing toxins that may enter your By making use of a car that will not result in additional pollution, like an electric car or one run by water, that you and your loved one can easily breathe in, you will be able to decrease the existence of toxic fumes in the air.


  1. Grow indoor plants – Doing this will not only make your home look more beautiful but also allow the oxygen to freely flow in your surroundings allowing you to take in enough which will promote your respiration as well as purify the air as it prevents the production of more carbon dioxide which could be
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  1. Proper composting and pet waste disposal – along with a healthy body should some a healthy environment. Failure to do so will only result in a surrounding that is toxic field and unhealthy. Since garbage is part of life and pets are a common fixture in many homes, proper pet waste and garbage disposal must be Composting or recycling of garbage or using it to enrich your garden is good advice.


  1. Growing a garden – speaking of gardens, having a home with a garden will give its inhabitants a complete and continued supply of oxygen which is necessary for various bodily systems. It is also good to grow your fruits and vegetables in your garden that you can use at



  1. Proper air supply – air is important to your health and your system. Make sure that there is more than enough of it in your home by having proper ventilation in your rooms and regularly changing the air filters and making use of carpets and furnishings made of natural


  1. Use aromatherapy – there are now many of these aromatherapy methods available in the market, including the internet. The majority of these products work as promised and are great techniques in helping heal certain ailments and colds as well as relieve
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  1. Do not let work stress you out – to some people, their work is a form of stress, something they cannot look forward to but still do every day for the sake of earning a living. This should not be the case. Instead, you should learn how to enjoy your work or at least make it quite acceptable by being more organized avoiding annoying co-workers.


  1. Know when to tune out – by learning when to tune out, you will be able to give your mind and body the proper rest it needs particularly from gossipy co-workers and friends, from e-mail or Twitter messages, or just about anything going on around you that could just give you unnecessary excitement or even irritation.



  1. Learn to say no – you can say no to anything that you think will only cause you to harm like eating bad food, taking alcohol, doing stressful events, losing sleep over something and any other stressful things that will only lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Saying no to these will do you


  1. Lead a simple life – by doing this, you can put more concentration on keeping your body and your lifestyle healthy. The more things you do, the less time you will have to think of things that will make you aware of the harmful toxins and chemicals present in the environment that can give you harm. Making it simple though will also allow you time for
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  1. Learn to sustain what you already achieved – having a healthy and proper diet is already difficult. Even harder is the task of sustaining it and making sure that what you achieved previously in terms of your health and detoxification is not wasted by just going back to your bad


  1. Leave the couch and get yourself moving to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Remember that resisting the temptation to sit on your couch the whole day means fighting off the temptation to the main culprits of obesity, such as overeating (especially of junk foods), oversleeping, and, of course, the unhealthy sedentary


  1. Make your exercise or fitness regimen fun and interesting by including others in your daily routine. Take, for example, walking at the park with your loveable dog, or jogging every morning with your best friend. In some cases, join exercise groups to gain new friends and get more advice about


  1. Choose an exercise or fitness regimen that you know you can handle. Not all exercises work for everyone. So be sure to get your research done first, especially if you are eyeing on a new exercise program. Talk to your body, and see how far you think your system can go before deciding which fitness program to

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