10 Tips for Increasing Everyday Happiness

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10 Tips for Increasing Everyday Happiness

10 tips for increasing everyday happiness
10 tips for increasing everyday happiness

If you focus only on the great moments in life, you will be far between the happy moments. Here are some good tips for increasing everyday happiness.

1. Think about the small moments that have given you positive experiences today, and enjoy them.
The smile from the bus driver. She in the checkout queue you happened to be talking to.

2. Find out what makes you happy and happy and do more of it. Do you like to read, but struggle to get started: Join a reading circle. Are you happy to knit, but would like to have someone to talk to? You will find like-minded people at a knitting cafe.

3. Spend time with people who give you positive energy. Being social can create profits.

4. Don’t compare your own life with other people’s Facebook updates. Facebook does not show life the way it is. Rather study the everyday life of people around you. Then you will see that many share the same challenges as you.

5. Do you have friends or acquaintances you haven’t seen in a while? Call them – or send an SMS. A small signal can lead to great experiences.

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6. Learn something new! Mastering feeling brings joy. Want to get better at data? What about the tango steps you dreamed of being able to? Or a language course so you can order your food in Spanish on your next southern trip?

7. Find out what you have reason to be grateful for, and appreciate it. Did the children get their dream job? Did your pre-visit concerns turn out to be unfounded and you’re healthy?

8. Be generous and generous. The saying “the greatest joy one can have, is to make others happy” is absolutely true. Helping others increase one’s own sense of happiness.

9. Be here and now. If the pace is too high, we miss the little moments. Go extra slowly and enjoy the view. Take time to study the ducks that swim long distances after their mother. Breathe in the fresh air one summer morning and enjoy it. Then you can feel the little bark of happiness.

10. Use your body and keep fit. But do it in a way that you enjoy. If you like to dance, then dance! The longer you maintain your health, the greater your sense of happiness.

Did you know that the UN General Assembly decided to make March 20 an international day of happiness? Happiness and well-being must be a goal for all people on earth.



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